Family Law

The parties to a family dispute are oftentimes in an emotionally burdened situation. For this reason we find it important to not only pursue your interests in a legally sound manner but to also support you in finding an individual and, whenever possible and desired, out-of-court solution. 

Family law regulates the legal relationships of individuals connected through marriage, civil partnership, family and kinship, and therefore reaches far beyond the execution of divorce proceedings. On the other hand the questions concerning the consequences of marriage and separation dominate the daily practice in this field of law:

  • Drafting of matrimonial agreements before or during marriage
  • Separation, divorce and the economic consequences of divorce:
    • Maintenance during separation and after divorce
    • Partition of household effects, assignment of the marital home
    • Disputes regarding assets
    • Pension rights adjustment on divorce
    • Child support
    • Parental care
    • Visitation rights
    • Drafting of divorce settlement agreements

Moreover family law deals with the rights of illegitimate children as well as extramarital mothers and fathers, particularly child support for the extramarital mother and filiation proceedings or the refutation of paternity, adoption and the legal circumstances of out-of-wedlock partnerships as well as registered same-sex civil unions.